Stadtcasino Baden sponsors first GameSoul Festival in Baden

Press release, April 1, 2022

The first GameSoul will take place at Trafo Baden on the weekend of August 5–7, 2022. It is a three-day festival dedicated to gaming, which is expected to attract up to 20,000 visitors. The event is organized by the GameSoul Association, with Stadtcasino Baden Group as one of the main sponsors.

Entertain, inform and immerse guests in the world of gaming – this is the aim of the first GameSoul festival in Baden. On the first weekend in August, event organizers, e-athletes, influencers, associations and companies from the gaming sector are set to showcase what the Swiss gaming market has to offer. Admission is free for all guests.

For families too
Die GameSoul möchte nicht nur hartgesottene Videogamer ansprechen, sondern ist ein Anlass für alle, die sich fürs Gamen interessieren. Auch Familien sind willkommen, für sie wird eigens eine Familienzone eingerichtet. Workshops für Eltern nehmen sich Themen an wie beispielsweise dem Umgang ihrer Kids mit Gaming.

Tournaments for top gamers
Ambitious players can compete against each other in various tournaments. Tournaments are planned for video games such as FIFA22, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros and NHL22. You can register online from May 9, 2022 at In addition, there will also be other game areas on site, where visitors can participate without prior registration.


For further information, please contact:

GameSoul Association (organizer)
Sascha Komaromy
Head of Program and Communication
+41 (0)79 432 55 55


Stadtcasino Baden AG
Communication & Public Relations

Patrick Senn

Haselstrasse 2
5400 Baden, Switzerland
+41 (0)79 869 70 75

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